Insurance & Fees


Effective 06/01/2019, the following fee schedule will apply to all services provided by Dr. Nathaniel Mills, The Sacramento Institute for Psychotherapy, its employees, representatives, and contractors:

    • Initial Appointment / Intake Evaluation (50 minutes): $200
    • Letter Writing / Form Completion (60 minutes): $220
    • Other Evaluation & Records Review (60 minutes): $220
    • Individual Psychotherapy (50 minutes): $200
      • + 30 minutes: $100
    • Couples / Family Therapy (50 minutes): $200
      • + 30 minutes: $100
    • Group Psychotherapy (90 minutes): $80
    • Unscheduled Urgent / Crisis Session (50 min): $240
      • + 30 minutes: $140
    • Pricing available upon request.
  • OTHER:
    • Phone Conference with Family Member (15 minutes): $60
    • Phone Conference with Treatment Team (15 minutes): $60
    • Seminars, Workshops, & Trainings: Pricing available upon request.
    • Clinical Consultation & Supervision (50 minutes): $300

We accept cash, check, most major credit cards, and bitcoin.


While we work with many patients who receive reimbursement for our work from their insurance companies, we no longer directly bill insurance for patients. Patients are asked to pay for treatment at the time of service and will be given paperwork to submit to their insurance for  reimbursement if they choose to do so. This allows patients to decide what information they wish to share with their insurance company about their diagnoses and treatment and insures greater confidentiality in our work. Other clinics who bill insurance directly must share patients' diagnoses and information about their treatment with insurance companies. If you have any questions regarding your insurance coverage, we encourage you to reach out, directly, to your insurance carrier to establish your co-pays, co-insurance, and deductible expenses prior to scheduling an initial appointment.